We are #1 in Canada for ERD-certified Pyrotechnics & Fireworks training

Don't have your Possession and Acquisition License (PAL)?

A few times a year we facilitate certified PAL courses for Non-Restricted and Restricted Firearms.

Send us a note and we will put you on our list.

At Gun-Smoke.ca we can teach you how to safely handle and maintain firearms on set or onstage.



 We have an inventory of firearms for use in video, film, live performance, and photography.

• Blank-firing rifles and handguns

• Replica firearms

• Non-firing rifles and handguns

• Rubber & resin firearms

• Antique and vintage firearms

• Practical firearms


WE DO NOT sell any of our firearms. There are No Exceptions!


We rent firearms to qualified users,  at our discretion.

We have several levels of firearms - from prop to practical.

Rentals require a lot of information about you and your production. We may need up to ten days to facilitate a rental.

If you don’t have the experience or the certifications to handle firearms, one of our certified handlers will accompany the rental and wrangle the firearms for you.

The use, transfer and storage of certain classes of firearms is governed by the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code of Canada - Part III. These regulations may require you or your company to possess specific government-issued licenses and/or go through a formal transfer process. These requirements are non-negotiable. Please contact us in advance of rehearsals or shoot date.


Safe Removal and Disposal of Firearms.


It seems that every theatre in Canada has an old rifle or pistol locked away somewhere, or a stash of blanks from the distant past. If you have firearms that you want to dispose of, call us any time to assist you. If you have firearms and don't have the necessary licensing, or just want to get them out of your space, we will arrange to have them removed from your premises immediately. Firearms/Gun Removal & Disposal Services are offered locally (GTA) at no charge.


Mark Fine

An old hand in a new place.

Mark founded AirMagic Special Effects in 1988 and has grown it for the past 32 years.

Gun-Smoke.ca is the new adventure.

Mark has worked with ERD trainers since the Pyro/Fireworks certification program began.

In 2014 ERD began certifying private sector trainers .

Mark was the first to be certified.

Mark has presented seminars and taught special effects and firearm handling for CITT, Ryerson, Humber College, Sheridan College and the University of Guelph.